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Vacationing at Disney World is every family’s dream and for the Mitchell family, it’s going to happen. The magic of Disney touched the family until they traveled home, when Riley, the family dog, became lost.


So much about this book, I enjoyed. The interaction between dad and son. The love between parents and children, especially in a place like Disney World. (Which felt as though I were there.) And the power of love emanating from a dog. (Riley caused a homeless man to have hope.)
The contrast between the homeless camp and family at Disney added an element to the story.
Another point I enjoyed: The point of view through Riley’s eyes. That element, like the first book, “Rescuing Finley” was so very good.
The setting is Christmas time, but this is a book for all seasons. Many tears fell as I read the story. I’m already looking forward to the next book in this series.

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