We can have an individual view or an “over all” view. Several years ago I had a wise boss that pulled me aside and told me that if I’m among the workers and can’t see the entire picture. I was a supervisor but instead of supervising I was working along side the workers. I wasn’t effective in keeping everyone on task.
Kingdom is not about and individual, it’s about a community. We know who is the King and we follow His authority.
Let’s take a look at a scenario:
You are on the job site. A coworker is constantly attempting to climb the ladder ahead of everyone else.
You can have an “individual” outlook on this situation and take offense at the coworker. You go to work and find the worker is a threat to your job. You avoid that person. You don’t help him because doing that will not advance your career.
You can have an “Kingdom” outlook on this situation and you look at what is best for the job and for everyone concerned. You see the coworker as actually helping the business and you behind the scene try to help him. This person is not a threat because he’s actually promoting the business, even though his motives are not correct. When you see something that actually hurts the business you address that in a non-selfish way.

Matthew 6:33 RSV

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.