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This was one of the funnest books I’ve read. I loved it.

Here’s my  five-star review:


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OnLine Dating

The pond has become larger. Today there are more options in the dating realm.

But with greater selection comes increased risks.

Click and Let’s Talk about it.

Finished with a really good book: What Follows After by Dan Walsh.

My Review:

Set in the early 60’s, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. What a great story, full of emotions.

A medical account of the agony of Jesus. This is a life-changing read.

Here’s my review

Conversations do matter. Join me as I discuss this topic.

Conversations Matter

Good Clean Romance with Mystery
My Review

I enjoyed this book, as I love every story Sparks writes. This one was probably one of my favorites.

My Review

Visit my site, and click the links. Easter terms and medical explanation for sweating great drops of blood will show the suffering in greater detail of the Christ.
or go to Snippets of Brillance
Better yet, get Crushed: A Physician Analyzes the Agony of Christ by J. Shan Young

Read the list. You’ll never be the same.

Easter Words

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