I’ve known about this series for some time but chose not to read it. Nine Eleven affected every American. I wasn’t ready to revisit it until now.


As a reader, I knew it was coming. With each page turned I wondered if the next page would be painful. When the planes hit and the buildings collapsed, it felt like I was taking my daughter to school. We had just past the swimming pool when the radio announcer broke into the music I was listening to. The terror of that day came roaring back.

What a story. I usually cry in every Kingsbury book, but in this one, I shed more tears. Heart-wrenching twists, causing you to stop reading to catch your breath.

One sentence that affected me deeply: Cell phone rang at the bottom of the debris. I knew this meant loved ones calling someone that was missing.




Randy Tramp

Amazon Review:  It’s a military thriller with a heart. Commander Mark Steele has an exciting job in Special Forces. Though it’s dangerous, he knows his work is critically important. But that job separates him from his wife and child. When an injury brings him home, his wife is glad to have him back. But other issues cause struggles within the family, leading to distrust and hurt. Steele takes dangerous risks in his new work. The thriller plot thickens, as he seeks to save a life. But can he save his family?

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