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A character arc is a description of what happens to the inside of a character over the course of a story. They begin as one type of person in the beginning; something happens, gradually moving them in an “arc” that ends when the story ends.
In my work in progress, Night to Knight, Kaitlyn faces the near death of her husband. Retiring from Special Forces, she believes he’s not living a dangerous life any longer. In the beginning of the story, Kaitlyn’s personality is a simple, easy-going woman who loves her husband and wants him safe. The lie she believes is to live life without risks. When confronted with her husband’s lie (He’s been rescuing abducted children without her knowledge.) Kaitlyn must decide: insist he live risk-free, or release him into freedom. The second choice, Mark would again risk his life for others.
The Great Author works the same way. He has an end goal in mind and works to complete in us His will. Allow God the Father, through Jesus, to complete your character arc.
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REP it Up: Relational Expression Promotion

Several years ago, during Christmas, my daughter became sick. Kristina, then seven, couldn’t tolerate food or liquids. Drinking water hurt. We exhausted our attempts at the Medical Center here in Yankton, so to Omaha Children’s Hospital we went.

We were there over Christmas. Only one person stayed with Kristina overnight and it was my turn to go back to the motel room on Christmas Eve.

Walking from the car to the motel door was painful. Downcast and lonely, I felt. After entering the room, a thought dropped into my heart. Is this what Joseph experienced? He knocked on doors to only be rejected. “My wife will give birth; any room for us?” NO

Then another impression dropped in my heart. In a few hours, the heavens lit up with glory. I slept that night in peace.

The next morning I went to the hospital. What I saw when I walked in overwhelmed me. Presents filled the room.

The night pain, erased by the kindness of strangers.

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Young Lovers

What if I went to a public place and watched a young couple interact but remained out of earshot. It could look something like this:
His hand around her back, she leaned into him as they made their way down the secluded path. A cement bench nestled against a few branches welcomed the young couple. She sat down, glancing up into his eyes. Her eyes radiated love. He slowly sat close to her, not taking his eyes off of her. They were locked in embrace, as the birds chirped their approval. A gentle breeze blew the girl’s hair into the face of the young man. He gently with precision moved her hair to around her ears to take in the beautify he was swimming in.

Dark Character Portrait

Two seeds lay dormant in the dark recesses of her mind.
One unto life; one unto death.
The dark seed growing with tentacles into the network of living.
Masquerading as “truth”. Producing deceptive fruit.
The life seed wisely remains still, quiet.
Love will awaken this seed at the right time.

She struggles with her emotions. She battles wanting connection but getting war. Her desires are left unmet. Moments of victory are swept away in the next step, temporarily or forever gone, depending upon the light she allows in her heart. The light attempts to shine, to show love, to grow the seed, to produce life. Yet she throws the switch off, doing it her way. “Her way”, the dark seed whispers with an evil grin. Tentacles reaching the switch. “I’m a victim”, the dark seed’s name. The tentacles transform into a jail cell. The dark seed name’s whisper beomes a shout. Tears flow in belief of the shout. “No one cares for me” is a friend to the dark seed. Love knocks at the door. Will she open & allow the light to shine into her death chamber?

Day After

Gun shots were heard everywhere, with widespread chaos. Planes had crashed into busy roadways. Emergency vehicles were all but nonexsistent because of lack of personnel. Very few cities were without marshal law. All TV signals were taken over by the government announcing a “be calm” message.

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