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I had a dream of my wife last night. It caused me to go into prayer for her. I don’t dream too much or I should say I don’t remember dreaming.

Do you have a lot of dream? Good or Bad?
10 Most Fascinating Savants in the World

Word of the Day – Savant



I like the idea of 144 characters in tweets. I am a person of few words. I do try to make my words count. I tend to shut down on someone that dominates a conversation. I have noticed some people will raise their voice when you try to get a word in edgewise. (Side note: The first known use of edgewise was in 1677, I suspect by a person that couldn’t get a word in.)

What kind of conversations do you like?
1. You like to do most of the talking, but will encourage the other person to speak
2. You do most of the talking and if the other person talks that ok but if not that’s ok also
3. You do the talking
4. You like listening and don’t mind it if someone talks all the time
5. You are a person of few words but like to communicate those words.
6. Something else

Loquacious speech can be difficult for me.

Word of the Day – loquacious


I don’t want to be serious today. I’m going to live in my imagination. My superpower imagination will take me in flight. When I was a boy I had many dreams I could fly and fly I did. I will fly today.

If you could have a superpower what would it be?

God has given me an auspicious life. I appreciate Him for that.

Word of the Day – Auspicious

Wild Life

22 Lions Killed In First Weeks Of S.D. Season

We had a massive amount of birds that died here in Yankton by the Missouri River. It was a mystery until the Department of Agriculture admitted to poisoning the birds at a feed lot several miles from the Riverside Park. They said it was rare that the birds flew that far and died. Apparently the birds were a menace to the feed lot.

What wild life do you have in your area?

If I am against something I don’t have a problem remonstrating it.

Word of the Day – remonstrate


I was asked last night what my greatest passion was. The first thing that came to my mind was leading children spiritually. I think a really close passion to that is reading and writing. I can’t get enough of it. I love transporting myself into the eyes of another person. The book I’m reading right now is looking through the eyes of the Japanese before, during and after World War 2.

What is your greatest passion?

I rarely have an extemporaneous lesson.

Word of the Day – Extemporaneous


My favorite vacation was our trip to Nigeria Falls. It was awe inspiring to see the rushing water. I could just stand for hours and watch it. I took a picture that day and it now is on our wall as a reminder of the power of nature.

What is your favorite vacation memory?

Jesus has charisma.

Word of the Day – Charisma

Past Times

I enjoy reading authors tweets, facebook and blogs. I read about their struggles when a manuscript gets sent to the editor, their excitement when the book first comes out in print. It’s like being in the kitchen while a great chief cooks a meal. I don’t read many books that I don’t contact the author via email. I like hearing their thoughts and watching the process. One of my favorite authors has a book coming out in May and I look for any update on the book.

What is one of your past times?

America is in a acerbic mood.

Word of the Day – Acerbic

I like new ideas. My plan today is to search for those new thoughts. I know in seeking new ideas one has to have the right question.

If you can have one question answered what would be your question?

I’m not sure why I like the word nebulous on Star Trek, maybe because when a nebulous is shown it’s beautiful.

Word of the Day – Nebulous


I think everyone likes some sort of adventure. I have seen how young girls like to create drama. I seen a 6th grade girl consoling other girls on Wednesday night. I went up to her yesterday and told her it was good that she was helping other girls. “Oh, they were crying because of me.” she said. She had told them something about her skin. (made up) What I thought was a good thing, turned out to be made up drama. I watched a few young people in a hurricane simulator at the mall. -interesting I walked away and asked myself, “Why?” Adventure
I enjoy a good adventure book. That’s why I liked Digitilas so much. I like reading stories during war. Why? -adventure.

If you had unlimited money what adventure would you like to go on?

This week I want the temporal to decrease and the eternal more in focus.

Word of the Day – Temporal


There are things in life that we want new. I love this time of the year because I can start all over and be new. What is new? One of the definitions is: of a kind now existing or appearing for the first time. Another definition is: unfamiliar or strange, coming or occurring afresh. I like the last definition the best. I think we all want things afresh. So with that in mind below is my list of things I want new (to name a few):

Relationship with Jesus
Family & Friendships

What are the things you want new?

We do not have a diminutive family.

Word of the day – diminutive

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