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Value What’s Valuable

A quick read or a five-minute, Travel with Randy, talk as I discuss this subject: It’s worth your time.

Value at Snippets of Brillance

Greatest Threat

I enjoyed listening to John Thune & Kristi Noem yesterday. She’s running for SD US Representative. I think one of the most effect ads is with her children. Kristi’s oldest daughter tells the younger kids that they have to pay 42,000 dollars. “Mom, Do I have to pay 42,000$?” At the end Kristi comes in and says, “I’ll try to take care of that.” We really do have run away spending and economist are telling us we can’t keep going on like this too much longer. The Chief of Military operations said our greatest threat is the debt.

What do you think our greatest threat is?

I like watching this show. It takes me back to a time that was simpler. Cory & Tapanga’s love for each other is pure. The show I watched yesterday was their first marriage fight. Cory was upset because Tapanga always did things better than him. Tapanga did not make Cory feel like a man.
Real Life Analysis
Do we have to rely on other people to substantiate us as an individual? Is that a set up for broken relationships?

Reality Shows

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, 19 Kids and Counting. This show makes me wonder if I could have a camera in my house to video tape what we do as a family. What would be the camera’s message? Would the audience be enriched, challenged or disappointed? I suspect in our family the audience would get some of each. I’m going to do an experiment with myself. I’m going to pretend we are being video taped and see how my action would change or not change.

What do you think would change if your family was in a reality show?

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