Two seeds lay dormant in the dark recesses of her mind.
One unto life; one unto death.
The dark seed growing with tentacles into the network of living.
Masquerading as “truth”. Producing deceptive fruit.
The life seed wisely remains still, quiet.
Love will awaken this seed at the right time.

She struggles with her emotions. She battles wanting connection but getting war. Her desires are left unmet. Moments of victory are swept away in the next step, temporarily or forever gone, depending upon the light she allows in her heart. The light attempts to shine, to show love, to grow the seed, to produce life. Yet she throws the switch off, doing it her way. “Her way”, the dark seed whispers with an evil grin. Tentacles reaching the switch. “I’m a victim”, the dark seed’s name. The tentacles transform into a jail cell. The dark seed name’s whisper beomes a shout. Tears flow in belief of the shout. “No one cares for me” is a friend to the dark seed. Love knocks at the door. Will she open & allow the light to shine into her death chamber?