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In the picture, Eileen Lesher, (then Chu) holds a carved olive pit. At an outside market in interior China, while she browsed, war sounded. “I heard machine gun fire and hid under the tables.” When it stopped, she purchased the item she had been viewing. This was her life during war.

It started in the summer of 1937—the Japanese invaded China. Eileen, eleven-years-old, lived with her family in Canton, China.

The Japanese killed foreigners         Read the rest at: Eileen’s Story

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The book I’m reading has an account of the atomic bombs being dropped on Japan during WW2. It was very descriptive and horrifing. There was no where to hide. Some went into the water but the smoke choked the person when he came up for air. What gripped me the most was parents not being able to protect their children.
It made yesterday so real as I watched the raw footage of the Omaho school shooting. A mother was talking to her daughter on her cell phone. The daughter was in the school on the floor in the cafeteria. “Mom, get me out of here” was her cry. The mother was crying, claiming to be helpless towards helping her daughter.
There is nothing more precious than a parent and a child relationship.

Do you have any stories of when you protected your child?

I plan on having a insipid day.

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