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ISIS – A New Kind of Threat?


ISIS is it a different kind of wake up?

Gone are the days that a parent only need be concerned about a “bad boy” enticing their teen down a destructive path. The “bad boy” has taken on a much sinister worldwide look. I’m speaking of ISIS. America was shocked when three girls, 15, 16 and 17 skipped school and ran off to Syria to join the Islamic State and was intercepted in Germany.
ISIS, a terrorist group that uses Hollywood style videos to lure its victims is not the only lure. Slenderman, the internet meme for whom 12-year-olds, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, stabled their classmate 19 times in the back was also an enticement. Why? Geyser and Weier wanted to impress Slenderman, an imaginary internet character.
There is a global war being waged for the minds and hearts of our teenagers.We could in return war against video games and on line imagination and of course against ISIS. Would defeating anyone of those change what’s happening in our teens? Something much deeper than our enemies is in operation. If ISIS was out of the picture I would suspect something else would take its place.
What lies deep with in many of us, possibly all of us, is a desire to belong to something greater than ourselves. That was exercised at the birth of this nation. Our founding fathers wanted to be more than just 13 colonies that only survived. A new nation found purpose and initiated a cause and birthed the United States of America.

The teen years is a time of searching for purpose. The definition of this word is: the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc. Young people of today have the entire world wide web to find their purpose in life. Why do they exist and what are they to do with their life? Some will find it in destruct ways and jump on a cause that is like minded. Others, with the help of parents, educators and churches will find their true purpose and a cause that builds a nation.

A famous line in an American comic strip, “Pogo,” states my point: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

I knew what the purpose of the United States was as I grew up in the sixties. On May 25, 1961, then President John F. Kennedy made the famous moon speech. “First, I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.”
We were united as one nation for one cause. In that speech was the seeds for the famous words of Neil Armstrong, “One small step for man, one giant leap for all mankind.” Never before had the world united in one day as it did on July 20, 1969.
We must unite in order to help our young people find purpose and a cause to live for. The alternative is an enemy that will give them a purpose and a cause they will die for. We can’t afford to lose the next generation to an ideology that plots our destruction.


What do I want out of today? The question I asked myself this morning.
Here are some of my desires of today:
Gain Biblical Knowledge
Connect with people
Help Children gain biblical knowledge
Fall asleep watching football
Help Foster Children have the best visit today with their Great Aunt

What are your desires of today?

Start of New Years

We are heading into a week a prayer and fasting. I have been feeling so lonely for God. In my study of the Psalms I can’t get Psalms 6 out of my mind. If you read it you can almost see a guy loosing his mind in grief. I suspect that one has to go to the depths to get to the heights.

How are you starting out your New Years?

I don’t want to be flummoxed this week.

Word of the Day – flummox


Thank you to those that responded about your favorite author. I learned a little more about writers. I still love to hear more about your favorite author.
My mind is continually working, when it comes to writing. I love stories. Kalli my youngest is going through an imagination stage. Not only has she investigated Santa Clause but she is amazed at my dragon stories. I had a baby dragon when I was a boy. It was hatched from an egg. Kalli tells her teacher the story about my pet dragon and it’s a point of conversation for us. Kalli tells everyone in the house as though it’s a fact.

What story have you told your kids or people around you?

Today’s Word of the Day

Ostensible [os·ten·si·ble] adj. 1. Intended for display, open to view. 2. Being such in appearance, plausible rather than demonstrably true or real.
I am not an ostensible person, I’m more of a private person.

Elizabeth Smart

I’m amazed at this young lady. Her parents instructed her in how to get through a really ugly situation.
1. Her Dad instructed her that she needed a “voice”. Elizabeth didn’t know how to respond when people asked her, “What happened?” Also while they were in church a lady cornered Elizabeth in a bathroom and made mean comments to her, accusing her of being the one in the wrong. Elizabeth developed a “voice” to evil.
2. Her parents instructed her not to relive the past and to inform others that she was not going to relive it.
3. She forgave and let it go.

Word of the Day
1: writhe, toss; also : wallow
2: to become deeply sunk, soaked, or involved
3: to be in turmoil

X for Kiss

Our putting an x after a letter to symbolize a kiss came from a medieval practice.  In order to indicate good faith and honesty, the sign of Saint Andrew was placed after the signature on all important documents.  The sign is like the letter x. 
Contracts and agreements were not binding without this symbol. Then the person was required to kiss it.  Over the centuries the good faith and honesty has been forgotten.

Woolgathering is something I did when I was younger, now that I’m older my engine never idles. 

Psalms Study 

Word of the Day

  • woolgathering   \WOOL-gath-uh-ring\
  • DEFINITION   noun   : indulgence in idle daydreaming


1. President Obama will travel to the center faster than any other President -Even President Clinton
2. The economy will continue to drudge along and not do much recovery.
3. The Koreas will have skirmishes and nothing but talk will be accomplished by the US.
4. “W” will be America’s favorite letter in the Alphabet
5. Obama’s popularity will go up a little, but will plummet with the liberals

What do you predict will happen in 2011?

Power of Thanks

Yesterday I took a baby to her mother, who was in rehab. It was a 150 mile trip. I usually go help out at Kindergarten on Monday afternoons and I love it. I had to give that up. I was looking forward to seeing the mother’s face as she saw held her baby in her arms for the first time in a month. I visited this same mother while she was in jail, listening to her complaints. We arrived at the New Beginnings home and the mother came out. She was angry. I attempted to talk to her, all I got was an angry glare. Pushing back the tears and trying to settle my beating heart down, I said goodbye and went back to the van. A “no thank you”, angry ungrateful attitude wouldn’t of hurt from a stranger, but this mother was no stranger to me. It took me fifty miles to believe the verse, “Give Thanks in Everything.” When my heart turned towards God, I felt His tears of an ungrateful generation. Thank you Jesus I experienced that, because I was able to see Your heart, my Lord.

My view of the future

Here’s what I see concerning the future:
Your phone will be your computer, your tv remote, your car starter, your house remote, etc. You will sit down to your TV/Computer screen and turn on your TV with your cell phone. You will pick up your I-Pad and interact with the screen. Your TV program will be playing a show and you will be in contact with other people watching the same show. – Let’s take a football game. You will be chatting with the other people while watching the game. The announcer will be announcing the game while checking the chat line that is connected with the game. He will be responding to those on that chat line while announcing the game. If you want to replay anything you’ll be able to do it while staying in real time from your I-Pad which is in sync with your TV. While watching the game you decide to check in on your little one sleeping. You click on the nanny cam and see that he’s still asleep. Your teen daughter is suppose to be at the store. You click on her GPS signal and find she’s where she’s suppose to be. It’s half time during the game and you want to check your cars “stats”. You hit your “car” button and find that your oil is just a little low. Your wife sees a commercial and likes the product, she picks up her I-Pad and gets more details and buys the item. Your boss told you it was your weekend to watch the Job site. You click onto the job site video system and see all is ok. You check the messages left at work and forward the messages to the other co-workers. The half time is over and you switch back to the game. You manage to get a great in play action picture from the football game and send it to all your friends on Facebook.

How do you see the future in the area of technology?


How has the internet has changed me? Blogging, twittering and face book has caused me to think in a different way. I continually try to think of what to tweet & write. My kindle has changed me as well. I can share what I’ve learned with via facebook and twitter, right from my kindle. I just highlight a sentence or two, type in a message and it posts on twitter and facebook. I get feedback and I like that. So yes, the internet social network has changed me. I find myself looking forward to seeing what is happening in people’s lives. I have a few categories that I love: Navy, Nasa, Nigeria, teachers and Christian Musicians (especially Stephen Curtis Chapman’s family). I enjoy keeping up with the xanga blogs.
I like the Google reader. I can check on all my feeds in that one area.

How has the internet changed you?

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