Julia Anna Baker traveled the country raising money in the name of “home conserving.” Labeled a fraud, she embezzled money from people under the pretense of taking care of children.
Those children were neglected.
While working at a Federal Prison for twelve years, I became aware of inmate tactics. They used manipulation and word twisting to con their victims. Julia Anna Baker had that mindset.
The ones who suffered were the children. That has to be the worst crime.


It’s evident that Travis did extensive research into this notorious woman. This book was well written. I found myself staying awake late at night continuing to read.





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It’s a military thriller with a heart. Commander Mark Steele has an exciting job in Special Forces. Though it’s dangerous, he knows his work is critically important. But that job separates him from his wife and child. When an injury brings him home, his wife is glad to have him back. But other issues cause struggles within the family, leading to distrust and hurt. Steele takes dangerous risks in his new work. The thriller plot thickens, as he seeks to save a life. But can he save his family?

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