Very impressive. That’s what I thought about this book. Very well researched and written.


The book follows the life of Phil Saunders throughout World War II. Also, details of life in China were included. Food became scarce. Furniture burnt to stay warm. Shortage of clothing. Lack of medical facilities and supplies. This contributed to low morale throughout the units.


Phil had a difficulty communicating with his family due to censorship rules of the Army. Training what to do if captured, sent chills down my spine.

Phil’s sense of humor shined through the tough times. He spoke of a horse with diarrhea. They had to stop every twenty yards for the horse to do its business. “It became a source of irritation, for the people and the horse’s rear end.”
One incident wasn’t so funny at the time. A Chinese man had an appendix attack. No doctor was available. So a veterinarian did the operation. He hadn’t a clue where the appendix was located and had to feel around after making an eighteen inch cut. Scary – The Chinese man lived, and no one else wanted to have any kind of operation.
The book revealed moments of World War II through the eyes of Phil. He spoke to Japanese POW’s, reacted to the death of President Roosevelt, then the surrender of the Japanese, ending the war.

It was a great read. I felt as though I were there. The pictures at the end of the book especially made the story come alive. 

Several months ago, I wrote an article: A Chinese lady’s account of living through the Chinese war. I found much in common with her words and the words of this book. 


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