I really enjoyed this book. As a Children’s Pastor, I’ve read a lot of parent help books, but nothing like this.
With her funny and witty personality, Julie wrote a book I couldn’t put down. Her family stories were entertaining, yet educating.
In the history lessons, I learned the rest of the story to 98.6 and Laura Ingalls Wilder. (Along with other lessons.)
The Bible lessons found in the book are applicable for today. And interesting.
With all these elements, Julie wove together a different way of looking at parenting. I was challenged, and now have a wider view of my role as a parent.
Questions such as: Should I allow my child to struggle? Or how much should I protect my child? And. How should I direct my child as they grow towards adulthood?
There are other issues Julie addressed that caused me to ask: “Why hadn’t I thought of that?”


I highly recommend this book for parents and grandparents. It’ll give you a new way of viewing parenting, and as you read the book, you’ll laugh along the way.

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