At Waterloo station, artist
Alison Schuyler meets Ian Devlin, and a love story begins.
A good book is interesting,
a great book, one gets so caught up in reading that time slips by without
effort. I found myself so entrenched in the pages of Where Treasure Hides that
hours flew by.
Love seems deeper when the
backdrop is war. World War II has begun, with danger everywhere. Two are in love but separated. Would they get back
together? Tension rose as each page turned.
Alison works with the underground
to save Jewish children. This element in the story brought many tears to my
eyes. I couldn’t help but get a little closer to my children.
Where Treasure Hides by
Johnnie Alexander has become one of my favorite reads. After reading the last
page, I found myself missing the characters and reviewing the scenes.
This is most definitely a Five-Star Read, and I look forward to more books by
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