Jennie Bateman left her family. Twelve years later, she goes
to court to for visitation rights with her two daughters. This is a story of
that journey.
My wife and I have fostered and adopted many children. And as
a CASA representative, (Court Appointed Special Advocate for children) I’ve
seen all the sides of struggle for children.
Jennie suffered from bi-polar disorder. This is very common
among parents who have their children removed from their home. When on meds,
these parents can function normally.
As I’ve seen, and as the case of Jennie, she changed. Her
life is much better and has a strong desire to have her daughters back in her
life. Who could blame her?
I’m happy David wrote a book like this. Too many times in the
world of children, people want to judge the parents harshly. This story went
deep into Jennie’s struggle. The reader took a journey of discovery.
The heartaches of failure to the triumph of success. This
book had it all. I’ll not soon forget about Jennie and her girls. Heartwarming,
suspenseful, and thrilling.

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