Dinner Train

Essex Clipper Dinner Train
Imagine you on the Essex Clipper Dinner Train as it traverses the lush and lovely Connecticut River Valley. Green surrounds you as blue water flows through the valley.The Clipper, a 1920’s restored Pullman, powered by a vintage diesel locomotive, rolls along the tracks.

A deer steps from the woods to drink from the river. The animal sharply snaps his head up, his eyes keenly aware of its surrounding.

The waiter, a 1920’s look, serves you salad as the train moves into the woods; you finish and view a dwelling high on the hill.

Boats race the train, quickly outrunning it, causing birds to take flight. The train rounds a corner as you enjoy a four-course gourmet meal. A palette of gold, orange and flaming red foliage and green, all come to life in a springtime extravaganza.

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