Calandra watches a vampire become a Christian. As Raven changes and becomes more human with each passing day, Calandra becomes attracted to him, even though she’s
engaged to be married.
My Thoughts


I’m not a fan of vampires. Never have been. However, I’ve liked the writing of
Ben from Splickety magazines. Moreover, I heard him speak at a Writer’s Conference in Florida. Therefore, I thought I’d give Blood for Blood a read.

I’m glad I did because I enjoyed this book. Throughout the entire story, there was never a dull
moment. The suspense kept me going all the way to the end. And what an ending. Wow!  
The question, “What if a Vampire got Save,” intrigued me. I had to know more. As I learned, I met all types of people, saved, real Christians and fake Christians and everyone in between.
I loved the book.

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