I came home, tired, wanting to relax. Our dog wanted to play. The problem was he had gotten out and stayed beyond my reach. I’d run one way, and the dog would run the other way. For fifteen minutes, I tried to get that dog. Finally, I got a hold of him and didn’t let go. The dog yelped because he didn’t want to come inside. And maybe because we got the dog at the pound and the previous owners weren’t so good to him. Whatever the case, he yelped all the way inside the house.

We had a cockatiel. Or I should say we had a loud mouth bird that didn’t stay quiet. She would imitate all the irritating sounds in our house. Sounds like a creaking door or a steam kettle going off. Those kinds of sounds. Oh, yea and a yelping dog. For the next several days, the bird yelped like a dog every time I came into the room. I say several days because I didn’t know if the bird continued the irritating sound at her new owner’s home.

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