Several years ago, my oldest daughter, Kristina went to Guatemala on a mission trip. While there she had a seizure. We received a phone call from the Guatemala hospital explaining her condition.

Helpless and fearful thoughts went through us. What could we do? Our 16-year-old daughter was hospitalized in a foreign country. Was there health care sufficient? We had no clue, so we waited.

During that wait, we received a call from the Social Services. “Would you like to foster a nine-year-old foster child?”

We were given a little time to decide. We’re facing a crisis with our daughter. Did we need someone else to care for? Can we do this? We asked ourselves those questions.

We said yes and prepared to receive Ryan. We found him, gentle and loving. In fact, we grew very close. In the time, he stayed in our home, Ryan became part of our family.

Back to Guatemala: We found out later that day, Kristina was given medicine. Again we were concerned. Our fear subsided when she entered United States soil, several days later.

Those days were dark, but a little foster boy brightened our lives and gave us hope. We cried when he left several months later.

Ryan taught me to go into my pain because on the other side of it is deep love. Love that only happens after hurt.

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Pain Brings Love