A character arc is a description of what happens to the inside of a character over the course of a story. They begin as one type of person in the beginning; something happens, gradually moving them in an “arc” that ends when the story ends.
In my work in progress, Night to Knight, Kaitlyn faces the near death of her husband. Retiring from Special Forces, she believes he’s not living a dangerous life any longer. In the beginning of the story, Kaitlyn’s personality is a simple, easy-going woman who loves her husband and wants him safe. The lie she believes is to live life without risks. When confronted with her husband’s lie (He’s been rescuing abducted children without her knowledge.) Kaitlyn must decide: insist he live risk-free, or release him into freedom. The second choice, Mark would again risk his life for others.
The Great Author works the same way. He has an end goal in mind and works to complete in us His will. Allow God the Father, through Jesus, to complete your character arc.
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