Several years ago, during Christmas, my daughter became sick. Kristina, then seven, couldn’t tolerate food or liquids. Drinking water hurt. We exhausted our attempts at the Medical Center here in Yankton, so to Omaha Children’s Hospital we went.

We were there over Christmas. Only one person stayed with Kristina overnight and it was my turn to go back to the motel room on Christmas Eve.

Walking from the car to the motel door was painful. Downcast and lonely, I felt. After entering the room, a thought dropped into my heart. Is this what Joseph experienced? He knocked on doors to only be rejected. “My wife will give birth; any room for us?” NO

Then another impression dropped in my heart. In a few hours, the heavens lit up with glory. I slept that night in peace.

The next morning I went to the hospital. What I saw when I walked in overwhelmed me. Presents filled the room.

The night pain, erased by the kindness of strangers.

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