The Book

Damon Lassard is a detective in training. He is on a cruise with his mother because of a breakup with his girlfriend.  This is good because it’s obvious where he received his investigative senses. A woman by the name of Philippa Drummiler goes overboard and it’s ruled a suicide by everyone except Damon. He spends the cruise investigating what he calls a murder.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed the feeling of being on the high seas. The investigation reminded me of a soap opera. The Drummilers had many skeletons in it’s closet and the reader explored the secret places of a very rich family. 

I didn’t mind several of the corny jokes like a noun and verb dating. If you want to know the punch line you’ll have to read the book. But what I will tell you it’s not a singular noun.

I found the book an easy and fun read. I like the voice of this author. There weren’t a lot of swear words; something I like. And the reader stayed out of the bedroom scenes; another thing I liked. 

Overall this book was a break from reality, a vacation of sorts. The pages kept turning because I needed to find out what was going to happen next. I wasn’t able to figure out the murder as much as I tried.