The Rose Bowl

Things to watch in the Oregon-Florida State showdown

  1. Florida State has not been a good first-half team. But then Oregon has not been a good first-half team either. The difference? Florida State’s average comeback points were 14.1 and Oregon’s – 7.1. The first-half may give us a clue as to who will win.
  2. Quarterback Protection – Jake Fisher is the one to watch in protection of Mariota’s blind side. Fisher missed two early games to a leg injury, Mariota was sacked 12 times. Fisher is back on the line.
  3. Jameis Winston likes to talk. Marcus Mariota does not. It will be interesting to see these two opposite players come against each other.

At the end of his Heisman Trophy Speech Mariota said, “God bless, and go Ducks.”  I agree.