I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars. I really liked it. Well most of it. The good stuff first. I took a cruise to the Caribbean. The reader experienced a speed boat, caves, nature hikes and several of the islands. I felt like I was on a ship again and I loved it. On top of that the reader had an enjoyable history lesson of the islands.
     Kayla, the lead character, was sassy and bold. She had a determination to figure out a murder mystery.
     I rarely put the book down as I had to read on. I had to keep a list of the characters so I didn’t get lost with the long list. Also, the reader went into a bed room scene that I would of rather of kept on the other side of the door. I did like one line in the book by a male character, “I don’t do casual sex so I’ll sleep in the other room.” Great read!