I just finished this book:
Cape Refuge series – Southern Storm book 2 by Terri Blackstock

This was a good book. There was suspense as the Chief of Police Matthew Cade came up missing. Even though most of the town believed he just walked away from his position after hitting a pedestrian and killing him. Blair Owens wouldn’t believe that even after evidence showed that most of the town was correct. I enjoyed her character of determination in the midst great opposition. This second book wetted my appetite for the next book. We want light to overcome evil and that’s were the next book is headed. I would give this a good rating as I think the characters at times did become unreal. I was able to see things coming so some of the book was not a surprise. Overall I did enjoy Southern Storm but Terry has done much better in her other books.

I’d love to hear the book your reading now.
I’d also like to hear about any recommendations of books and why.