I like the idea of 144 characters in tweets. I am a person of few words. I do try to make my words count. I tend to shut down on someone that dominates a conversation. I have noticed some people will raise their voice when you try to get a word in edgewise. (Side note: The first known use of edgewise was in 1677, I suspect by a person that couldn’t get a word in.)

What kind of conversations do you like?
1. You like to do most of the talking, but will encourage the other person to speak
2. You do most of the talking and if the other person talks that ok but if not that’s ok also
3. You do the talking
4. You like listening and don’t mind it if someone talks all the time
5. You are a person of few words but like to communicate those words.
6. Something else

Loquacious speech can be difficult for me.

Word of the Day – loquacious