It was a warm time at my Mom’s last night. We started by enjoying a meal of ham and roast beef. Of course my sister in law brought her famous raisin cream pie. (My favorite) Then we went to my brother’s church. Small church of about 30 people. Janine, my sister in law is great on the flute and did a special. The lights were turned off and we enjoyed the candle light service. The Pastor had an unforgettable sermon. He spoke about a King wanting to win the hand of a maiden. He took off his Kingly robes and became a simple servant in a small village. Over time the maiden fell in love with him, then he revealed his true title. Jesus laid down His titles to draw us in love with Himself.
Then back to my Mom’s to open gifts. There were close to 20 of us. It was a wonderful time.

I’d love to hear your Christmas Story.