We went to a Christmas party yesterday. Kalli, my kindergartener, had to investage this person – Santa Claus. First he said that Rudolf was on the roof. So guess where Kalli went? She came in and informed us that in fact Rudolf was not on the roof. To which Mrs Claus told her that he was on the other side of the roof. No, said Kalli because she checked the entire roof. More investation would have to be conducted and the perfect time would be when Santa left. Although I tried to interest Kalli in the movie that was playing, she was on a mission. She informed me that Rudolf definetly was not on the roof and she also showed me the vehicle that Santa got in. Later that night, with Santa still on her mind she asked: “Daddy, is Santa real?” She could of asked me where babies came from and I may have been more comfortable. I told her that Santa was fun, just like Whoville was fun and Llama Llama was fun. I told her not to tell her classmates, but I suspect that will be a converstion she will have to have with her teacher today.

Word of the Day
tautology tau·tol·o·gi Noun
Unnecessary repetition of an idea, especially in different words, 2. In logic, a compound statement that is always true, irrespective of the value of its components.

In the OJ trial a statement was made: “The weapon is in Chicago or somewhere else.” Using tautology you can really mess with someones head – which on certain occasions I like to do. -lol It appears this is a tactic of lawyers.

What is your tautology?