Tramp Christmas Letter 2010
Take the Tramp Test See how much you know about us.

1. At work this year, Kristina did which of the following?
a. Took apart a cell phone and put it back together blind folded
b. Sat on top a bill board for 24 straight hours
c. Won a Kindle for selling the most Cell phones
Answer: If you answered c you are right – Congratulations Kristina

2. In a surprise move, Alicia:
a. Announced she was moving to China
b. Colored her hair purple
c. Spent her birthday in California with her best friend
Answer: No purple hair and no moving to China -yet

3. Kalli spends most of her time doing?
a. Being a good little Llama, Llama
b. Learning to Read
c. With the older girls a lot
Answer: Llama, Llama is impatient, so that is a correct answer. Kalli loves to read and she’s with the older girls a lot.

4. Our best vacation time this year was:
a. Hiking in the Rocky Mountains
b. Disney Land
c. Sky Diving
Answer: Hiking & Sky Diving – Yea Right Disney Land was so much fun

5. Baby 1 and Baby 2 are:
a. Kim had twins
b. Friends of Austin
c. Bailey & Bentley
Answer: No miracle happened, so c is correct. Bailey and Bentley – puppies of Danielle & Alicia Although we’d love to see Baby 1 and Baby 2 (my nickname) Cody is allergic to dogs

6. In vowing not to put us through any more torture Noah:
a. Stopped shooting us with his nerf gun
b. Did his chores with a smile on his face
c. Wants to do more chores at home
Actually Noah is growing up and all three are correct. Noah can’t wait until he can vacuum. The smile on his face while doing the chores happens when he’s finished.

7. Danielle does the following in her non-spare time:
a. Watched a brain surgery operation
b. In college for nursing
c. Has the world’s record of hanging up on people
I don’t doubt she may have watched a TV show that showed brain surgery because she’s been interested in the medical field since she’s been young. So all three are correct

8. Without doubt Austin is at his best when he’s:
a. fishing
b. casting
c. spinning
Since all three have to do with fishing, you picked the right one. (Continued other side)

9. Alisha Dawn spends a lot of time:
a. In the past
b. The day before today
c. The day after two days ago
Yes, you are correct again. She works at Yesterday’s as a waitress.

10. What is our foster baby, Aaron best at?
a. Keeping up with his brother Tristan
b. Really keeping up with his brother Tristan
c. Really, Really keeping up with his brother Tristan
We’ve enjoyed both Aaron & Tristan, both our Foster children. They are great little boys.
Aaron is 11 months old and Tristan is 19 months old. Aaron just started walking – I mean running.

11. In keeping in touch with Brooke we have to?
a. Email
b. Text
c. Facebook
All the above, but texting is the best. She’s twenty now, lives in Huron and is doing well.

12. What is Cody (2 years old) going to be when he grows up?
a. A Teacher
b. A Musician
c. A Carpenter
We don’t know since he won’t tell us, but he sure loves music, hitting things (and sometimes people) with his plastic hammer and getting after you if you need it or not.

13. What is the favorite past time of Kim & Randy
a. Getting away together
b. Going somewhere together
c. Dates on Sunday night
We sure did enjoy our anniversary and Kim’s birthday by getting away together.

14. The future Tramp plans?
a. Pick out great vacation spots
b. Fostering
c. Watching our children graduate
As a family we love vacation. We will continue to foster parent children. We had several this past year and we miss them. Alisha Dawn will be a senior next year so all three answers are correct.

Chagrin [cha·grin] n. A keen feeling of mental unease, as of annoyance or embarrassment, caused by failure, disappointment, or a disconcerting event.