This happened several years ago and his name changed in this account.
James was a quiet teenager. He was very normal and blended into the youth group. I knew of him but didn’t know him until I visited him in jail. We sat in a room at the jail as James gave me his story. He told me that God had given him many warnings that he was going down the wrong path. “I didn’t listen as I continued to have dreams,” James told me. He wouldn’t look me in the eye but talked to the floor in his matter of fact way. I couldn’t get over the fact that James was an average teen. James was transferred from that jail to a state prison. I visited the 20 year old James there. He told me about his wife and child. I listened to him as he began to tell me about his prison world. I went back to visit him when his wife and child were also there. My heart broke as I watched him raise his family in prison. James is still in prison as he committed vehicular homicide.