Score big at Whac-A-Mole

Nothing raises the spirits quite like flattening moles (or sharks and Mr. Munches at Chuck E. Cheese) as they pop their little heads up. The key is to keep your mallet poised about two feet above the center hole. More, and you lose precious time swinging; less, and you can’t generate enough momentum.

If you’re more interested in prize redemption than individual accomplishment, delegate a few holes to a friend, who can play bare-handed bongos on the critters.

Take this advice when you’re dealing with the enemy of your soul. The mallet is the word of God and when the enemy pokes his head up, let him have it with the word.

When the enemy tempted Jesus in the wilderness, Jesus responded by, “The Word says.”

That means you have to know what the Bible says. The Bible is alive, but only as we apply it to our lives.

If you’re really more interested in the grand prize than individual comfort then get active in your church. Two or Three gathered in His presence, there Jesus is in your midst. The enemy can pick off those that stay on the out side, but has more difficulty when in a group. We need to watch each others back and a good church is how God set it up.

I’ve taken a serious subject and injected humor into it. The enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus has come to give us life. We must stay in the game and not quit. We are at war and darkness will not quit until the time is up.