Yesterday I took a baby to her mother, who was in rehab. It was a 150 mile trip. I usually go help out at Kindergarten on Monday afternoons and I love it. I had to give that up. I was looking forward to seeing the mother’s face as she saw held her baby in her arms for the first time in a month. I visited this same mother while she was in jail, listening to her complaints. We arrived at the New Beginnings home and the mother came out. She was angry. I attempted to talk to her, all I got was an angry glare. Pushing back the tears and trying to settle my beating heart down, I said goodbye and went back to the van. A “no thank you”, angry ungrateful attitude wouldn’t of hurt from a stranger, but this mother was no stranger to me. It took me fifty miles to believe the verse, “Give Thanks in Everything.” When my heart turned towards God, I felt His tears of an ungrateful generation. Thank you Jesus I experienced that, because I was able to see Your heart, my Lord.