I listened to the President speak yesterday and I really looked for anything positive.  I looked for my President to be Presidential.  I looked for leadership.  What did I get?  I got a political speech.  I got a speech that blamed President Bush – oh he didn’t use his name but he kept using the word, “inherited”.  Our President just doesn’t get it.  The reporters continually asked him, “Mr. President do you think that it was your policies that the American people disliked?”  Obama continually referred to what he “inherited.”  Our President refuses to accept that fact that this is his watch.  I did sit down to listen to the speech wanting to hear something that would encourage me, after all he is my President.  I was greatly disappointed.  I was even more horrified to see that he ordered the release of millions of more dollars of stimulus money the day after Americans sent a strong message to him.  I repeat – Our President just doesn’t get it or if he does well then, he doesn’t care.  At least the former we have hope he may one day “get it”, the latter then God help us because he’s working hard to destroy America.  At this point I’ll accept the fact that Obama has tunnel vision and that tunnel exits in People Republic of the USA.