Here’s what I see concerning the future:
Your phone will be your computer, your tv remote, your car starter, your house remote, etc. You will sit down to your TV/Computer screen and turn on your TV with your cell phone. You will pick up your I-Pad and interact with the screen. Your TV program will be playing a show and you will be in contact with other people watching the same show. – Let’s take a football game. You will be chatting with the other people while watching the game. The announcer will be announcing the game while checking the chat line that is connected with the game. He will be responding to those on that chat line while announcing the game. If you want to replay anything you’ll be able to do it while staying in real time from your I-Pad which is in sync with your TV. While watching the game you decide to check in on your little one sleeping. You click on the nanny cam and see that he’s still asleep. Your teen daughter is suppose to be at the store. You click on her GPS signal and find she’s where she’s suppose to be. It’s half time during the game and you want to check your cars “stats”. You hit your “car” button and find that your oil is just a little low. Your wife sees a commercial and likes the product, she picks up her I-Pad and gets more details and buys the item. Your boss told you it was your weekend to watch the Job site. You click onto the job site video system and see all is ok. You check the messages left at work and forward the messages to the other co-workers. The half time is over and you switch back to the game. You manage to get a great in play action picture from the football game and send it to all your friends on Facebook.

How do you see the future in the area of technology?