In case I’m missing along with millions of others:
We did not get hit with an attack from outspace as the news media is reporting. Aliens did not abduct me along with millions of others that are missing. We were raptured off this earth by the Lord Jesus Christ. You may be saying, “I go to church and I’m still here, so it couldn’t be the rapture.” Well you need to have Jesus in your heart and be in good standing with Father God. Good standing means you’ve asked for forgiveness for all your sins. I’m sorry to tell you that you will be in a rough way for the next few years. I recommend that you completely give your heart to Jesus, but you know it will cost you your life. If you follow my recommendation I’ll be seeing you after this is all over, or sooner if you’re executed for your belief. We’ll be returning with the Mighty Christ and all will be ok then. So until then……
“Watch therefore (give strict attention, be cautious and active), for you do not know in what kind of day (whether a near or remote one) your Lord is coming.”
– Matthew 24:42, Amplified Bible