The merry go round went round and round. When it stopped the kids and I went on imaginary planitary expeditions. Sometimes the kids would interject an idea, but mostly I was the leader in cotton candy village. We would travel in space on the merry go round and when it stopped we explored the territory. One particular planet was a favorite and you probally already guessed it had “candy” trees. The candy gave energy to fight the candy cane poles. Sometimes we had to hurry back to the merry go round and blast off. We were being chased and haste was in order. The blasting off was fun because it involved moving as fast as possible, but once orbit was broke the travel was smooth and slow. The descent onto the planet was a little bumpy at times but that was ok because another adventure was on it’s way.
(This was how I played with the kids at the church day care.)

Any certain games you played with your kids or with kids?