The Australian group came on board ship. I began telling them about the USS Kitty Hawk. We walked through the hanger bays. Some sailers were hard at work and greeted the Australian visitors. We went to forward part of the ship and descended one deck. I showed them my office and then asked them if they would like to climb an esculator. They excitedly said, “Yes”. We proceeded to the bottom of the escaltor. It was off because we were in port but the people thought it still would be fun going on a ship’s large escaltor. I with several Australians started to proceed up the escalator. What I didn’t know was that when you go up a shut off escalator it begins to reverse. What I also didn’t know is when a “off” escalator starts to go backwards the natural inclination is to run faster forward. Well you can see the senario in your mind. Most of the people pilled up at the bottom of the small room that held the escalator while a few of us made it to the top. I breathed a sigh of relieve when the people picked themselves up and began to laugh. They thought it was the greatest thing. I can’t remember anything else of the tour since my mind was dominated by the excalator.