I’m sure Father God has a photo album of His children.  I have to believe He would of taken some pictures and video of yesterday.  Kim & I took, Cody, our grandson, grocery shopping with us.  He got in his “car” grocery cart (Thank you HyVee) and was content for a whole 2 minutes.  Then he had to walk.  As long as we were putting items into his hands he was happy. Oh, he had to squeeze and shake everything and once he was finished doing that he would put it in the cart.  He was so funny because he found a poster at his eye level of a lady.  He laughed at it.  I’m sure he’s never seen anything at his eye level, especially a happy lady eating food.   Then we had to do Cody’s normal routine: get a free HyVee balloon.  Cody shook in anticipation of his balloon.